Banca Etica is a cooperative bank operating in Italy and Spain according to the ethical finance principles like transparency, participation, efficiency, sobriety and social impact. Banca Etica was the result of a bottom-up movement grouping several civil society organizations looking for an alternative banking system.

After 20 years of activity, Banca Etica is today the reference bank for social economy sector, supporting co-operatives, social enterprises, purpose-oriented businesses, SMEs in developing their activities. Banca Etica credit evaluation is not based exclusively on the capital asset of an enterprise, but we carry out a thorough analysis of its social and environmental sustainability, using various parameters such as working conditions, gender approach, use of renewable energy, internal democracy and so on.

Banca Etica is totally transparent: our customers are made aware of the governance of the bank, the decision-making procedures, the destination of the investments, the environmental and social profile of the borrowers. Banca Etica, like other ethical banks, represents the evidence that it is
possible to make financial markets more transparent.